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LCM Investment Philosophy

The fundamental premise on which our investment philosophy is based is that superior long-term results can be achieved by exploiting the judgmental biases and behavioral weaknesses that influence the decisions of many investors. These include: the tendency to extrapolate the recent past far into the future, to wrongly equate a good company with a good investment irrespective of price, to ignore or discount the value of tangible assets, to overemphasize current and projected earnings growth.

LCM uses quantitative computer screens, proprietary financial models, and qualitative judgments to choose out-of-favor (undervalued) stocks in the marketplace that we believe have potential for long-term appreciation. LCM believes that these out-of-favor securities will produce superior future returns if their future business performance exceeds the market’s low expectations.

LCM portfolios typically have a deep value orientation. Market timing is not part of the process.


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